ACS Level Funding

Bringing flexibility and cost control to small groups!

With a level funded plan from ACS, you can have the advantages of self-funding along with the predictability of a fixed monthly payment.

  •   Per employee, per month funding is easy to budget and easy to understand
  •   Multiple plan benefit options can be offered to meet the needs of your covered group
  •   Specific and aggregate stop-loss coverage limits your plan's exposure and manages risk
  •   Claims exceeding stop-loss deductibles and YTD claim funding are paid immediately
  •   Monthly and quarterly reports provide full transparency on plan costs and performance
  •   100% of the unused claims fund is available at the end of the run-out period

Unique features like immediate advance funding of excess claims, full cost transparency and the opportunity to save when claims are lower than anticipated levels simply don't exist with other fully insured or level funded arrangements. 

For more information, or to request a quote, click to contact the ACS Sales Team.

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